Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update: Feeling Discouraged

Okay, it's rare that I post more than once a day (in fact, I think this might be the first time...) but I've had 2 really great things today that have made me feel a little less discouraged, so I wanted to share.

1. I still worked out today. I did some weight training, which really didn't feel that great on my muscles, but I worked through it. And then I ran half a mile, which felt really good to get some cardio done. Even though I'm still feeling discouraged about not seeing a lot of progress yet, I feel good that I didn't give up today and that I still worked out and pushed through the discouragement!

2. I've been stressed about how I was going to afford to make my loan payments this summer while I didn't have a job. I've been doing a lot of praying about it, and trying to have blind faith about God coming through. Today, my loan company called me and offered me a 3-month grace period on my loan payments, meaning that I wouldn't have to make my first loan payment until almost 2 months after starting a permanent teaching job! Thank you God for coming through and answering 2 prayers: helping me figure out finances, and showing me the product of having blind faith!

Still not feeling great (it's this crummy weather, I'm telling ya) but at least I had 2 things go really well for me today to turn my discouragement around!

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