One-Hundred (under construction)

1. Get married 11/11/11

2. Experience child birth

3. Buy a home

4. Learn a new language

5. Surf

6. Have one of my painting purchased by an establishment

7. Sew a legit quilt

8. Visit Germany, Italy, or France (or all of the above!)

9. Buy a pair of really expensive designer shoes, even if I only wear them once

10. Work in a school's theater department

11. Get my Master's degree

12. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

13. Go on a missions trip

14. Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity

15. Learn how to Extreme Coupon

16. Attend an NFL game, preferably a Steelers game

17. Take a ballet class

18. Become an adviser of a school organization

19. Read 10 books from the 100 top classic pieces of high school literature

20. Get a piece of poetry published

21. Sell my cupcakes, even if it's just at a bake sale 2/15/13

22. Take a yoga class

23. Try snowboarding

24. Participate in Warrior Dash

25. Donate blood

26. Improve my posture

27. Get abs you can actually see

28. Establish an emergency savings fund with H

29. Read "The Hunger Games" series

30. Try out to be an extra in a movie

31. Make my own sushi 7/12/11

32. Complete the 52 Card Challenge

33. Go on a cruise

34. Get my blog featured on a larger blog

35. Make a successful loaf of Grammy Bread

36. Power-walk a 5k (since I can't run)

37. Participate in a rally for a cause I believe in

38. Go to a restaurant owned/operated/cheffed by someone famous "B-Spot Burgers" (Michael Symon) 3/11/12

39. Work at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving or Christmas

40.  Smoke a cigar  10/17/13

41.  Work on a farm for at least one week

42.  Swim in the Atlantic Ocean

43.  Be a stay-at-home mom for the first few years of my children's lives

44.  Be active on my child's PTO

45.  Direct a high school play or musical

46.  Stay at my goal weight for at least 365 consecutive days

47.  Attempt to write a novel

48.  Publish a children's book

49.  Take a tango class

50.  Survive our first deployment

51.  Complete 30 days of Crossfit

52.  Organize all of my recipes

53.  Get my CCW July 2012

54.  Visit the headquarts of Phi Mu 7/12/12

55.  Watch all 3 Mighty Ducks movies 6/10/12

56.  Cook something with veggies I grew in my own garden  Summer 2013

57.  Learn how to can/jar  Summer 2013

58.  Learn how to change the oil in my car all by myself 5/6/13

59.  Save up to buy a second car

60.  Learn how to beatbox

61.  Knit something useful

62.  Properly complete a set of double unders

63.  Properly complete kipping pull-ups

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