Wednesday, August 31, 2011


People always talk about how overwhelmed they are. Heck, I always talk about how overwhelmed I am! Overwhelmed with paying bills, with getting things done all in one day, with cleaning the house, with work, with family, with H--there's always something to overwhelm me, and I almost always mean it in a bad way.

Okay, maybe "bad" isn't the word I'm looking for. But 9 times out of 10, when people say "overwhelmed" they mean it in a way that isn't necessarily a good thing. Think about it. How many times have you said "ugh, I'm so overwhelmed with ______ right now!" There are those rare occasions where we say "oh my gosh, I'm so overwhelmed with joy/thankfulness/gratefulness/whatever!" But let's be honest---how often does that happen? A baby shower, a wedding shower, a wedding, a surprise party....if you're like me, that's maybe once a year...maybe.

Why can't we be more overwhelmed by good feelings and good things? Lately, I've been realizing, even when we aren't sure how we're going to pay the bills or we're struggling for something, I realize that in general, H and I are pretty blessed. God has done some amazing things for us this past year, and I know that our relationship is as strong as it is because of His blessings and love. When money is tight, somehow everything seems to work out. When life seems stressful, we realize that we have each other to rely on for support and comfort. Even the simplest little things, like laying in bed laughing at stupid jokes, is a blessing---having that perfect someone who gets you. These are the good things that I want to be overwhelmed by!

H and I are very blessed, even on the days we don't realize it. I want to be overwhelmed by the good things: the small blessings, the love, the happiness, the laughter. I want to be overwhelmed with too many true friends, with family who cares, with being in love. These are the good things that we need to remember to let ourselves become overwhelmed by! So I'm challenging myself to focus on the good overwhelmment (Is this a word? Probably not--but I'm using it anyway!) instead of the bad---I think life will look pretty great from here on out! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

Even though the reality of H officially joining the Army hasn't fully set in yet, I wanted to show him how much I support him, so I made him a celebration dinner: honey-balsamic cedar plank salmon, roasted crab legs, broccoli, and Summer Shady. So yummy! You can get the recipe and read about it here, on my Paleo blog. It turned out quite yummy, and it's definitely a recipe I'll make again!

There are lots of big changes coming our way starting next year, and it's crazy to think about what the future holds for us, right now I'm trying to stay focused on the present.

I got hired at a local preschool and elementary school to work as an after school care worker and substitute teach for them occasionally. I'm excited to be working with kids in such an amazing, supportive school, even if it's not as an English teacher. I'll be making enough to pay the bills right now, too, which is important. I'm just really happy to be back in a school working with kids again! :) H is working on finding a job right now, too--still turning in applications and waiting to hear back, so say a prayer! Selling Avon is also going well. I love getting to meet new people, to share these great products with my friends and family, and to make a little extra money (which I usually end up spending on products for myself...but that's okay, because it's basically like getting make-up for free!)

Wedding things are going well. We had some beautiful engagement photos taken by a girl that I work with, and we used them to make up some engagement announcements. We'll mail those out as soon as the engagement is official (gosh, I feel like we have to do everything backwards because of the Army, but we're making it work for our situation so I guess that's what's important!) My mom is going to pick up my wedding dresses today (yes, more than one--long story short, I got a dress for the JOP wedding and the dress for the traditional ceremony for super cheap at David's Bridal so my mom was amazing enough to get them both! I cried lol)and I've got invitation samples on the way, which is making me super excited! Yes, the traditional ceremony with friends and family isn't until late next year (probably Christmas time), but just playing around with wedding ideas is making me really excited and is giving me something to do. We are going home late next month because I need to get my dresses fitted and so we can get our marriage license--November 11 is coming so soon! Less than 3 months away now, and I'm getting all giddy and excited! :)

I'm just so thankful for all the blessings, even when things get rough and aren't going totally how you'd planned. God is good.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Correction: 223 Days

This is why you don't let me do math...

He leaves in 223 days. It's still far away, but to lose 40 days overnight is a blow. Pressing on...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

262 Days.

That's how many days until my then-husband leaves for the Army. That's how many nights I have left to curl up next to him and fall asleep. That's how many mornings I get to wake up before him and make breakfast, then climb back into bed and cuddle for just a few more minutes. That's one Thanksgiving, one Christmas, one New Years, one Valentine's Day, and one birthday. 262 days.

March seems so far away. Forever away. But I know that time is going to fly, and I need to hold on to every minute between now and then. We have our wedding to look forward to, we have 262 more days together to watch our nephew grow up, and so many little things to treasure in the first 4 months of our marriage.

Thank God for support systems, friends and family, and a strong faith in God's plan for our lives. That's what's going to get us through the next 262 days (and then some)

Monday, August 8, 2011


Pop Quiz: What does it mean to provide?

A) Does it mean that you get what you want when you want it, no questions asked.
B) Does it mean that what if what you want also lines up with what you need, it will happen.
C) Does it mean that what you need will come to you, but only when the time is right, and even if it's not exactly what you think you need, what you expected, or even what you wanted.

More and more, I'm feeling like it's the 3rd answer.

I routinely pray for God to provide for us in terms of jobs, living expenses, and just in general to help us keep going when we have no idea how things are going to work out. Sometimes it all happens and falls into place exactly how I have it planned out and think it should happen, but other times it feels like we're just barely getting by, and I wonder why God chooses how He provides. I know it's all part of a bigger plan, and that He has the most incredible plans for our lives, but sometimes I wonder how/why He lets things pan out the way they do and how that plays into His plan for our life. Because there are times where I look at how things are playing out and I wonder how this barely getting by at the very last minute thing is teaching us anything about God or His plan. I'm not complaining, because I know He has always provided in the past and will continue to provide as I seek Him for guidance and help, and even if it wasn't the provision I'd expected, it always worked out. But the curiosity in me wonders how and why He does what He does when He does it.

I'm continuing to thank God for all He does and all He provides and trust Him to continue providing for us, but I still wonder...