Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Projects of Christmas: Vintage Button Bracelet

Okay, so as promised here is my second project of the day.  I must have been on a button kick this week because both of my projects involved them!  Wanna see the other one?  Check out my Button Tree Pillowcase (no sewing involved).

I got inspired to make this after seeing a gorgeous version of this at Anthropology, but it was sooo pricey!  I immediately realized that I could probably make it myself and that it would be a great gift for any of my girlfriends.  You can make it with any kinds/sizes/colors of buttons and make the width of the band to your own liking, but I chose to keep the colors/size as close to the Anthro one as I could because I really liked the look of it.

Start with our materials:

1/8 yard material (or any scrap material you have leftover from another project)
2 metal snap sets
Various buttons of your choice (I went with antique-looking white and gem colored ones)
Hot glue gun and glue
Iron and ironing board
Matching thread and needle

You want to figure out how big to make your bracelet, which I did by eyeballing the material against my own wrist.  Make sure to leave enough around the edges for the hem.  Make sure to cut 2 matching pieces.

Turn your material inside out and use No-Sew around the edges to "sew" 2 of the long edges and one of the short edges.  Turn your bracelet inside out, fold the un"sewed" edge under and use No-Sew to hem it closed.

Sew on the snaps.

First, place your larger, colored buttons on where you would like them and attach them with hot glue (you can sew them on if you want, but I'm trying to keep these projects fast and as sew-free as possible).

Then fill in the rest of the spaces with the small, white buttons.  I like the 3D look of the bracelet so I stacked some of my buttons, but you can keep it flat if you like.  This is your project, so make it fit your style! :)

Here it is on:  

I love the look of this, and I can't wait to make another one for myself.  It was so easy, and I just keep thinking of all these color-schemes to match my wardrobe!  :)

Cost breakdown:
Buttons:  $5
Snaps:  $2
Material: Used scraps from my Button Tree Pillowcase
No-Sew: Already Had

Total Cost:  $7 (a savings of $13 from the Anthro one!)

I think I love this project, not just because of the savings but also because of the amazing ways you can tailor this project to the tastes of the person you're giving it to (or to your own taste if you're keeping it--sometimes we all need to gift something nice to ourselves!)  :)
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xoxo, Melissa

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