Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Projects of Christmas: Typography Canvas

A couple weeks ago, my friend Krissy asked me to make a giant canvas for her boyfriend's Christmas present.  She had seen another typography project that I made earlier this year and fell in love with it, but wanted something bigger for her boyfriend's new apartment.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't take too many pictures of this one because my camera wasn't working right and wouldn't focus for most of the pics I tried to take.  But here's what I did get:

The first step of making a canvas this large is to create your typography on the computer.  I used Picnik to create mine because I love all the different fonts it offers and it's easy to set it up how you like.

Once I had the layout how I liked, I used a projector hooked up to a computer (thank goodness for technology at the school I work at!) to project the image onto the canvas and traced it with a pencil.  If you don't have a projector to use, you can try to freehand it.  I was using a canvas that was 30" x 40" so freehanding it would have been hard---it would be easier to freehand using a smaller canvas, though.

I then used a medium blue acrylic paint to paint in the words over the pencil.

Again, I apologize for not having more pictures, but for whatever reason I could not get my camera to focus at all :(

Here's the finished product!  You can see Krissy's hand in the picture-we had to take this outside at night, and my camera (for whatever reason) finally decided to work right!  So frustrating, but I'm so glad I got a picture of the finished product!

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xoxo, Melissa

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