Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Projects of Christmas: Button Tree Pillow

You know what really gets me out of the Christmas spirit? Computer viruses. On the 11th day of Christmas, my husband gave to me: a computer that's (almost) virus free! After spending most of the day trying to get the viruses and malware off my computer, I'm almost cleaned up. But I made him take a break and let me upload 2 projects because I'm slacking!

The first project I'm posting is my button tree pillow. This turned out super cute, although I think if I make it again I'll get more buttons and make my tree a little larger, or make multiple trees. But for my first version, I have to say--I LOVE how cute this turned out!! It was so simple, and it took me less than 30 minutes to make.

Look at how stinkin' cute this is!

Okay, time to get our materials:

Misc. sizes/shades of green buttons (I used about 30 to make my tree)
Very small multicolored buttons
Identical brown buttons to create the trunk (I used 4)
Yellow button for the star on the tree
1/2 yard of material for pillow case
Hot glue gun
Iron and ironing board (not pictured)

You need to start by determining how large of a pillow case you will make.  I laid my pillow onto the material while the material was still folded (the way you get it from the store when you purchase it off the bolt).  I left about a 2 to 2 1/2 inch border around the edges to account for the hem and for actually being filled by the pillow.

 Next, I turned the material inside out and used No-Sew to "sew" 3 of the edges of the material together (including the side that is folded).

On the final edge (the non-"sewed" one) I turned down about an inch and No-Sewed around the edge to create a finished hem.  I don't want to permanently keep the pillow inside so I wanted a nice hem on my pillow case.

Once your pillow case is done, you want to turn it right-side-out and go over it quickly with the iron.  Then fold the pillowcase in half length-wise (or hot-dog style as my preschoolers call it!) and crease it with your fingers.  You don't want to iron the crease in, but you'll want it as a reference to the middle of the pillowcase for laying out your button tree.  Now that you have the middle, lay out your buttons to create the tree shape.

After you have the general layout of the tree, use your glue gun to attach your green tree buttons and your brown trunk buttons.  

Then you can use your glue gun to attach your small multicolored buttons to create lights on your tree, and attach your yellow button as the star at the top.

Here's my pillow completed.  Please ignore the wrinkles in the pillow case--I was in a hurry to iron it!  I love how simple and festive this pillow case is, and I want to make a couple more, especially with how unattractive our couch pillows are!

Cost breakdown:
Material:  $3
No-Sew:  Had it
Buttons:  $7

Total cost:  $10
Not too bad for a super cute pillow case!

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xoxo, Melissa

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