Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow days and sunny days

We got a surprise snow day today. It rained a lot yesterday, but that was about it. Today, I woke up to a 2-hour delay and then a full day off. Apparently the rain turned to ice and froze up all of Northwest Ohio last night. My car windows look like stained glass right now. H seems to be under the (wrong) impression that I'm going to drive him to campus for his classes today. I told him goodluck getting the car cleaned off in time...haha

The winter blues are really not making my seasonal affective disorder (affectionately known as "s.a.d."--oh the irony...) very unhappy. I'm so blah and mopey, not because things in life are bad but because this weather just does it to me. To try and fix that, I've started planning a vacation for H and me this summer. Nothing major, but since it's our last Army-free summer I wanted to go on some kind of vacation since it's the last one we're guaranteed for a while. So we're planning 5 days at Put-In-Bay. We're going to lay by the pool, go wine tasting, rent jet skis, and just have fun together in the sunshine. Planning it is making me feel excited about summer, but it's not a total cure for the s.a.d. To do that, I need to go somewhere sunny now :)

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