Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm going to trust God that He will give me the desires of my heart again, and therefore I'm continuing to believe that I will end up in Bowling Green in the fall.

That being said...

I am continuing to pick up small things to decorate the apartment that H and I have in BG. It's the apartment he's lived in since August 2009, I'm just moving in and being added to the lease. It's a 2 bedroom that has free water, gas, heat, a/c, trash removal, internet, and cable (we only pay electric) that is completely in our price range. Granted, you can sometimes hear the neighbors through the thin walls, and it's a little dated, but it's affordable and it's all ours!! For the past year it's been a boy's apartment (which you can totally tell by the lack of decoration and the hodge-podge of styles) and I can not wait to move in and turn it from college apartment to our first home together. It's where we plan to live until H gets his first PCS for a duty station (roughly Summer/Fall 2012) so it will be our home for the next 2 years and we want it to feel like a home, not a college apartment.

Today, I bought curtains for our bedroom, the livingroom, and the kitchen/diningroom, candle wall sconces, and one of those nice vinyl lettering things for the wall that says "may our home know joy, each room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibilities." It's wonderful! I can't wait to actually get there and be able to decorate and set up house (I'm totally nesting!) and turn it into a home for us! Now all we need is a couch and a loveseat. We'll be doing lots of garage sailing for those, unless someone out there wants to donate them to us...

I love decorating, and I feel like it's giving me something to look forward to-- setting up a home with my future husband :)

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