Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crafty Coasters!

I was feeling artsy-fartsy today, and wanted something cute to make before a bunch of girls came over for a Jewelry Party this afternoon.  I'd been browsing link-up parties last night, and I found this absolutely adorable project for Halloween-themed coasters!  H and I have been wanting nicer coasters for a while.  Right now, this is what our coaster collection looks like:

Yes, those have been collected from various restaurants and places that give out free coasters for promotions.  But since we are no longer college students, it's time to have some grown-up coasters for our house!

I found this ah-may-zing post on a link-up party for crafters, where Anna from Directions Not Included had made these super cute Halloween-themed coasters.  Check out how adorable these things are!!  (Gosh I love crafty people!!)

You can find all the directions and steps from Anna on her blog here: Directions Not Included: This is Halloween - tile coasters

While I opted to go with patterns that are more matchy to our livingroom colors, I love this whole idea and will probably be making more coasters (um, can you say "personalized Christmas presents"?!?) in the near future.  Also, being that I was out of ModPodge, I used contact paper to coat the tops and craft glue to glue the paper down.  Note to self: go buy more Mod Podge!

Here are mine:

Cost of tiles: 6 @ $0.16 each = $0.96
Cost of paper: $0.76 for both
Cost of contact paper for tops: $6.56 (but basically the whole roll is left for other projects!)

I would call this project an overall win!


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