Saturday, September 22, 2012

A is for Apple, B is for Blessing

Ugh, it's the first day of Fall and it's too rainy to really go out and enjoy it!  Our plans for today involved getting hot pumpkin/apple drinks, going apple-picking, and seeing the beautiful leaves and scenery up here as the colors change.  Instead, we've spent the day inside in our comfy clothes trying to stay dry and warm (minus the short trip to the PX for wine and a few grocery know, the necessities in life.  And yes, we may have gone in our comfy clothes.  But seriously, a world where it's not appropriate to wear yoga pants to the store on a rainy day is not a world I want to live in.)  The upside is that there is a Dunkin' Donuts at the PX so I at least was able to have a hot apple cider...

On the bright side, since it's been a rainy day at home, I've had a chance to actually get stuff done.  Our TV broke earlier this week, so we had to finally break down and buy a new one.  H wasn't too upset about that, because it meant we could finally get a flat-panel TV that he's been dreaming of/drooling over for the past year.  Thank goodness for clearance TVs and financing options, because otherwise we would have had to move the 19-inch console out of our bedroom and hope that you could see it from across the room on the couch!  However, due to making room for a larger TV and stand, plus all the packaging materials, our livingroom was absolutely a mess, so today was the perfect opportunity to get the house cleaned up and do some laundry--oh the joys of being a housewife! :) 

It's also given me a chance to start planning out some ideas for my new classroom.  This past week, I was hired as the lead preschool classroom teacher at a local preschool & daycare, and I couldn't be more excited!  I'll be taking over for the current lead teacher who is leaving next week.  Yesterday was my first full-day in the classroom shadowing her, which I will also be doing next week until she leaves so I get the chance to get used to a typical day in the classroom.  It's going to be an interesting transition from a Montessori to a public, non-Montessori setting, but I can see already that there are a lot of opportunities to introduce some Montessori ideals into the classroom that the kids would really benefit from.  The classroom is already set up in centers and follows Creative Curriculum (which I haven't looked into too much yet), but I see a lot of ways to incorporate Montessori - there are already some Montessori-ish works and ideas in place, they just need focused and used properly.  I've been talking about these ideas with the director and with my assistant teacher, and I'm excited about what's to come for my little ones!  There's so much potential with a new classroom, and I just pray that I can get my assistant teacher on-board with some of these ideas (she has never seen a Montessori classroom and doesn't really know what it is, so I'm hoping that she'll be open to learning and trying it).

God's abundant blessings just keep coming our way, and I feel so blessed to have a Savior who cares so much for us and who takes care of us!  Even when I'm worried about what's going to happen and when it's going to happen, I have the comfort of knowing that His timing is perfect and that He will provide!


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  1. So happy for you and the new job!!! Glad everything is going so well for you. :) Hope that the Montessori ideas end up going well for you.